Bjorka is back, this time spreading data about the head of the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN)!

Still not kapok, this time Bjorka spread the boss data (BSSN), in the form of photos of KTP and NPWP along with other important information including a budget of hundreds of billions. Bjorka exposed this data because he thought the BSSN boss was using him as a source of money.

In this doxing post on Breached, Bjorka wrote “I HEARD SOMEONE JUST MADE QUITE A BIT OF MONEY BECAUSE OF ME?”. If translated to Indonesian, Bjorka says “I HEAR SOMEONE MAKING A LITTLE MONEY BECAUSE OF ME”.

Bjorka spreads BSSN boss’ data because he thinks he’s being used as a source of money

Bjorka spreads Bssn boss data because he thinks he's being used as a source of money
Bjorka Spread BSSN Boss Data Because He Thinks He’s a Source of Money | Liputan6

Along with the criticism, Bjorka included a photo of BSSN’s boss, Hinsa Siburian. With this post, it is certain that Bjorka thinks that the BSSN boss is indeed making money from Bjorka.

It is still unknown how this means BSSN can make money. However, the money generated alone is huge, amounting to IDR 624 billion for the BSSN Budget Program in 2023.

The details of the budget itself consist of the Management Support Program of the State Cyber and Crypto Agency amounting to IDR 407,146,873,000. There are also other needs, namely the Security and Resilience Program of the National Cyber and Crypto Agency amounting to IDR 217,224,610,000.

Seeing this data, Bjorka instead said “LET’S ASK THIS OLD MAN WHAT THE MONEY WILL BE USED FOR WHAT THE MONEY WILL BE USED FOR”. Even though it was clear in the data he leaked that the budget was used for the BSSN program.

However, of course we understand what Bjorka is referring to, which is whether or not the money actually went to the BSSN budget. That’s why Bjorka spread the BSSN boss’s data, because he doesn’t trust this “old man”. However, we’ll see if what this hacker says is true.

Regardless, BSSN spokesperson Ariandi Putra said that there was nothing to worry about if the BSSN boss’s personal data was leaked. Because public officials themselves have public data or are meant to be published.

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