Nudging Puan Maharani and Munir, Bjorka becomes Indonesia’s wanted man!

After nudging Puan Maharani, the Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR), Bjorka is now a fugitive in Indonesia and reportedly the government is tracking where he is. Reportedly Indonesian netizens who support Bjorka will also be sought and asked for information regarding matters dealing with Bjorka.

Not only that, after nudging Puan Maharani and spreading her personal data, such as NIK, and other important data, Erick Thohir was also attacked by Bjorka. After Bjorka’s spread of important data, his Twitter account and Telegraph channel were banned!

But if you think about it, that’s not the reason why Bjorka was blocked and became a fugitive in Indonesia. The best reason is because Bjorka had previously revealed who was behind the murder of Munir Said Thalib, an Indonesian human rights activist.

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Bjorka is a wanted man in Indonesia

Bjorka is a wanted man in Indonesia
Bjorka Is a Fugitive in Indonesia | Tribune

But of course that won’t stop Bjorka from invading Indonesia, as he is reportedly creating a Twitter account along with a new Telegram channel that hasn’t been shared yet. So, for those of you who support Bjorka, you should stop, because as Teknodaim said earlier, those who support Bjorka will also become fugitives.

The example of support in question itself is spreading important data that has been spread by Bjorka previously to websites and social media. So, if you don’t want to be hit by the UU ITE Law, don’t spread important data that has been spread by Bjorka!

Also, since Bjorka is already a wanted man in Indonesia, it’s likely that he’ll be even more violent than before, as the government is already targeting him. The ferocity itself includes such things as spreading the data of other important officials, who must not be named.

Hacker Illustration | ThisBalikPapan

Regardless, the question is how the government will track down Bjorka, given that he is such a powerful hacker that he can penetrate Indonesia’s cyber defenses. With such abilities, Bjorka is certainly not an amateur hacker who uses the same IP Address every time. That’s why tracking down Bjorka is almost impossible.

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